Oregon DPSST 24 hour Armed Security Certification


24 hour  Armed Security Professional Certification Training  $550 

If you are currently certified as Unarmed Security Professional you may attend the DPSST 24 hr. Armed Upgrade training only, but if you are not currently DPSST Unarmed Security Certified you must also complete the  14 hr. Unarmed Security training for the Unarmed Certification and then attend the 24 hr. Armed Training to apply for and receive the ARMED Security Professional Certification.

Armed Security Professional training requires a minimum of 24 hrs. training separate from the required 14 hr. Unarmed Professional Certification training.

Unarmed and Armed training together is 38 hrs. minimum  (both are needed to hold Armed Security Certification in Oregon)

 This course is taught by DPSST Certified Instructors with a lifetime of experience in the field of State and Federal Security, as well as Personal/Executive Protection, Defensive Tactics and Small Arms and provides armed applicants the most current and consistent firearms training throughout the security and law enforcement community today .

R.E.A.C.T. – IALEFI – DPSST – NRA – OFA – Certified Firearms Instructors

This course includes all written materials, workbooks and application forms for the Armed certification.  (Both Unarmed and Armed Certifications are needed to complete and work as an Armed Security Professional in Oregon)

All equipment on this list is  REQUIRED to participate in the Armed Certification Course.

  • Quality Handgun of defensive caliber
  • Semi-auto or Revolver – (.38,.357, 9mm, .40,.45, etc.)
  • At minimum, you must have a Level 2 retention style duty holster that remains open after the draw for one handed re-holstering. (the holster MUST have both a pinch and a mechanical retention device or more (thumb strap, hood, index button, etc.) and the Holster must remain open after draw. Please call if there are any questions about holster requirements.
  • 3 magazines for semi-auto or 4 speed loaders for revolver minimum
  • Magazine pouch/holder for 2 magazines or 4 speed loaders
  • (these must also have velcro, snap or pinch retention devices)
  • Heavy duty belt to hold holster and mag pouches
  • Eyewear protection (Safety glasses Ansi approved)
  • Hearing protection
  • Baseball style bill cap
  • Flashlight – Tactical (small, rear button) or Standard  (d cell full size) or both.
  • PSID # (if already certified Unarmed) or Drivers license / State ID
  • 400 rounds of ammunition

Please wear appropriate clothing for time of year in an outdoor range training environment.