O.C. (pepper spray) certification

4 hours  (non-spray version)  $150   

6 hours (includes spraying of each participant and de-contamination)  $200

All classes will receive REACT certificates of completion.

Non-Spray  Version  Participants are not required to bring their own O.C. (pepper spray canisters) as this is a non spray course, but are responsible for supplying 1 canister each of inert spray.  (with notice, REACT can supply inert training canisters at cost)

Spray  Version  Participants are required to supply and bring their own spray to training, 1 OC canister (we highly recommend FOX brand, 2 oz. 5.3 mil. SHU stream or cone)  and 1 Fox brand or some other inert 2 oz. training canister and holster/pouch for OC container.  Any brand of Live and Inert spray canisters can be used for this training.  Sudecon brand decontamination wipes highly recommended.

Training includes discussion on spray designs/types, effective ranges, reaction times, cross contamination, carry and drawing options, access, storage, force options, and decontamination procedures.