Fee: $50
The training provided at REACT includes the live fire PQC 1 for the issuance of the HR-218 card, as described under DPSST standards to meet the criteria of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004, issuance of the card will be administered on site at the completion of the qualification as required.
Any questions concerning this training or the required elements of qualification, please call or e-mail REACT.

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  1. Robert L Belknap says:

    I’m a retired officer from Colorado who had relocated to Redmond and meet all requirements under HR218. I’ve been issued a retired I.D. from my former department and have returned there annually to requalify at the department range. My departmental issued credential specifically states authority to carry concealed anywhere nationwide. As such, am I legal to carry in Oregon or to meet Oregon State Law must I qualify here in Oregon and meet Oregon State Standards? If so, I assume your company would be able to qualify me. I’m also interested in obtaining qualification as an armed security guard and intend to take your training for that purpose. Will that training also cover me to work for a company providing Private Investigation services or is that another class? Thanks in advance for your attention to these questions.

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