Sampler Class – “How to properly fit a handgun for personal use”

Approximately 2 hrs.   $110 

* By request only. Please contact our office to schedule.

An introductory class for people that have not purchased a handgun yet, but plan to, or for the experienced shooter who would like to learn the specific skills on how to choose and correctly fit a defensive handgun for personal use in the safest, easiest and most inexpensive way.

We will provide you with the knowledge and sample equipment, so you can make an informed purchase the first time.

This class is specific in helping individuals decide what handgun might be best for them for self defense, which is so different than “plinking”, competition or hunting. We provide all of the gear, ammo, and different types of handguns for you to to try out so you can learn and understand why there are so many different styles and types of handguns, we explain and demonstrate and let you try them out, so that you can make an informed decision on those beginning crucial purchases.

Included in this training: explanations and examples of different designs (DA, SA, DA/SA, GSA, Decockers, Manual Safetys, Internal Safetys, etc.),  how to fit a handgun properly and why, proper length of pull, control designs and differences, ammo choices, Fundamental Handgun Safety at home and on the range, a chance to actually shoot different types of handguns and discussions on the appropriate support gear, holsters, etc.