Personal Carbine Defense

8 hours   $300 

This course is designed to provide Law Abiding Citizens as well as Law Enforcement/Armed Security Officers the opportunity to learn, update and/or refine their skills in the use of a Carbine specifically for defensive purposes, in the home or on the street, if the level of force is justified and necessary, then a Carbine, properly handled and used can be a powerful force multiplier.  This course includes weapon familiarization and defensive skills including Proper Administrative loading/unloading procedures, Combat loads, Tactical loads, Proper Use of cover, Close Quarter firing, Verbalization, After Action Drills, Mechanical offset drills and more.

REQUIRED to Attend: The completion of at least Level 1 Handgun Certification through REACT (we recommend Level 2 handgun completion, as there will be rifle to handgun transition drills in this class.

Recommended Ammunition: 400 rds. of .223/5.56,  also a handgun, holster and 50 rds. of handgun ammo for transitions.