Precision Rifle Fundamentals

8 hours  $300

8 hr. Fundamentals of Precision Rifle (proper rifle set up, proper eye relief, length of pull, types of stabilization (body positioning, bi-pod, bags, etc.) N.P.A. (natural point of aim) training,  confirmation of N.P.A. drills, respiratory pause drills, trigger drills, etc.  This is NOT a long range class, it does however teach the fundamentals for long range shooting with both dry fire AND live fire sessions, including discussions of how to develop your D.O.P.E.  (data on personal equipment) for your specific rifle and optics at longer ranges, this class focuses on how to master your fundamentals so you can move on to further training and grow your long distance shooting skills.

Requirements to attend:

  • Rifle capable of shooting MOA or less, quality optics capable of repeatable zero, or with MOA/Mill Dot Reticle, hash marks, stadia lines, BDC, etc.
  • 50 rds. minimum of accurate or precision ammo
  • Rifle rest/bags, bi-pod, etc.
  • Shooting Blanket/Pad for prone, if prone is not acceptable, sitting positions will be allowed.
  • .30 cal. or less
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Hat
  • Comfortable clothing for outdoor training