Oregon Concealed Class + PHD 1

Enhanced Oregon Concealed Carry Class + Personal Handgun Defense Level 1

(includes requirements for Oregon Concealed License application)

Approximately 8 hrs.   $110

An Incredible value with real live fire professional instruction included.  You will need to bring a handgun, holster, belt and 50 rounds of  ammunition)

Real live fire defensive training. Our very special extended version offers both those wishing to get their license for the first time and those that already have one,  a very unique opportunity to learn new material and update their prior training with the most current and consistent techniques, tactics and information available for personal self defense

Are you satisfied with the minimum amount of information to protect you and your family before, during and after a deadly force confrontation? 

If not, we promise this, no matter your prior experience, you will learn and experience new tactics and techniques for surviving not only the gunfight, but also, just as importantly, a deeper understanding on how to be prepared for the criminal and civil aftermath through discussions and scenarios in the classroom and on the range. 

Topics to be covered include: safe handling, transportation, storage, carry methods, types of holsters, different types of ammunition, where you are allowed to carry concealed with your license and where you are not and why, the 5 critical fundamentals of accurate defensive shooting, the correct defensive presentation from the holster, verbalization skills and more. A very complete and comprehensive course, designed with your and your families personal safety always the highest priority. 

Rental package available: $50 (includes firearm, holster, belt and 50 rounds of ammunition)