Most of our clients wish to remain anonymous for various reasons, REACT will always preserve discretion to the level that any client requires. We do appreciate them taking their valuable time to offer their opinions about training experiences with us.

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17 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Patrick B. says:

    WOW! The great facilities are surpassed only by the outstanding instruction. I took a level 2 defensive handgun class and it was outstanding. REACT only teaches techniques that are useful in the real world and explain to you why! They are patient and helpful, not judgmental. They are there to make you better, not to make themselves look good….an important difference in approach in my opinion. And, the weather threw a 45 minute heavy shower at us but….no problem…..they have a covered training facility!! I left warm and dry. Near the end of class when the rain stopped, we went outdoors for some steel target training. I arrived rusty and not having participated in structured learning and training for over a year. I left with improved skills, drills to work on things my own, and much better confidence on moving, team-tactics, 4-point presentation, combat reloads while moving, proper use of cover – left, right, over, and even under, close combat, and so much more. Best of all, they supplied the ammo so that I didn’t have to use my own supply AND there was no brass pickup at the end of the day! I’m already scheduling my next class. Thank you REACT!!!

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